The Magic Button Wish

We have all seen that commercial right, about the Easy Button?В  I think it is for Staples or something, you know what I am talking about, right?В  Ok, well, did you ever wish for your own Easy Button sometimes when you are working?В В  I have, many times, let me explain.

Ok, countless times each day, I have a customer that walks in the door with his/her ear to the phone, walks around the store carrying on a conversation, and continues to do so as he/she approaches my register.В  The ones who really get on my nerves are the ones who never acknowledge me as a human being, never say one word to me, and never answer anything I might ask them, because they are so involved in their conversation that they do not even realize they have not spoken to me at all during the entire transaction.В  Sometimes I wonder if I said something completely inappropriate to them, if they would even notice!!

Well, one day my manager and I were talking about that, and she informed me that her sister, who also works for the same store we do, had a great idea that we really wish someone would invent.В  The idea was to create an “Easy Button” for us that could be placed at our feet behind the counter, that the customer would have no idea existed, and that we could simply step on as someone approached our register and INSTANTLY disconnect any phone reception.В В  Can you imagine the look on the customer’s face when their phone just went completely dead for no reason at all as they stepped up to pay for their purchase?В В  How great would that be for us?!!В  We could actually force that person to look at us, communicate with us, acknowledge us as a human being, and answer the questions we asked them!!

But you know, why stop there?В  What if we all had an “Easy Button” that automatically stopped the car engine of the person who pulled out in front of us on the highway, or better yet, what about one that would shock the socks off someone who tried to pick up something in the store they had not paid for and intended to walk out with?В  This really does need to be invented, y’all, I promise you.

Anyway, we decided that anyone who is so deeply into their phone conversation that they cannot even speak to us, or acknowledge us, should not expect us to be overly polite or friendly to them either!В  So, today, this guy came into the store with his ear to the phone and I watched him as he walked all around the store picking up whatever he needed and never once paused in his conversation with the person on the phone.В  I thought, well, when he gets up here to me, he will surely, at least, speak to me……..but he did not.В  I smiled and spoke to him, as I do with every customer, and proceeded to bag his items and ask him the standard, “is there anything else I can get for you sir”, to which he did not reply.В  He reached into his wallet, never making eye contact with me, never speaking to me, and continuing his conversation.В  I bagged his items, placed his receipt in his bag, and told him to “have a good day, sir”.В  Never once, did that man say one word to me or even look at me!В  I thought to myself, “oh, you just wait, mister, one of these days I will have an “Easy Button”, and you WILL shut down that phone and talk to me!”

I understand that today, in this fast-paced world, everyone has to keep connected in order to stay on top of their job and life, but COME ON FOLKS!В  It is customers like the one described above that make me want to keep my cell phone beside my register, pick it up, and have an imaginary conversation the entire time I am waiting on that person.В  I bet you half of them would never even notice!!В  The other half would probably email my corporate bosses and tell them how rude I was to them.В В  DUH, when you approach me with the phone in your ear and never once speak to me, is that not YOU being rude to ME?В В  I think so.В В  So, in conclusion, I will keep waiting on customers who ignore me, I will keep smiling, and doing my job as best I can, but, I will also continue to wish every day that someone will soon invent the “Cashier’s Easy Button”..В В  How about you, any ideas as to how an “Easy Button” would help you in your job?

Just another day in the life of a cashier.В  Y’all have a good one, ya hear?

By Jan Ballard

Heal Yourself Magazine’s Newest Humor writer.

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