The Music Industry, Cyberspace Highway, & Bands Surviving On Tour

Can you imagine anyone having the guts to stand up to the big boys in the music Industry today, and tell them; I know something you apparently don’t want to know or, you are just too stupid to accept the coming attractions in your very own industry?

Well. I’m here to tell all of those big boys, and girls with their multimillion dollar jobs that we little peons in this industry have a much better grip, and understanding of just what is taking place right in front of their noses here on the Cyberspace Highway.

I am going to share this tidbit of information with all of you musicholics now; So, when it all comes to pass for those Conglomerates in Nashville, New York City, and California; all of you can say, “Geez” I remember when MzMona wrote an article way back when saying the writing was on the wall for all of us to see even as far back as ten years ago.

As all of you know, who have kept up with my forty two year career in this industry, I have never been wrong when I am telling all of you the very things that affect my own livelihood pertaining to what we can all expect to see changing in our very near futures concerning every aspect of the music industry as a whole. This is not new to any of us who have paid close attention to what is happening here. We’ve seen it looming in the distance for the last ten years, and now it’s just over that musical horizon.

For these last ten years I have been writing articles just like this one telling everyone in this industry that the “Internet” was going to be the new avenue for all bands to reach the masses!! I was laughed at, and told I was out of my mind; really? What are you doing right now on your computers? Listening to your favorite artist’s newest CD I bet? I have been told that there is no way that I could have the pulse on what the public would do when it comes to the music industry in today’s society.

Once again, I was right as I told the big boys or, as I call them; “The Powers That Be” who run our lives from their high dollar offices with not one good leg to stand on because, I have the support of every band, and solo artist on the charts today to back me up on this; the big boys should sue their own legs for non support; you people don’t have a clue on what is happening all around you right here online in your own industry.

Just an aside here for all of you!! Five years ago I partnered up with a man from Rockford, IL. To form an company called, “”. This company truly was the first of its’ kind back then. We were the first to bring to Cyberspace Musicholics a new way for them to see their favorite bands perform live. Ours was, and still is the first to bring to everyone with a computer, “Pay Per View” live online concert coverage.

Our shows were not pre recorded like Pay Per View Television where you paid a hefty fee to watch a wrestling match from a previous month or, even a boxing match that was also pre-recorded a month before. We brought you concerts that were e-streamed back to the net live as they were happening on stage at that precise moment in time. We all saw the same things go down with nothing edited out at all.

Just remember folks all of the “Powers That Be” laughed at a young man years ago named “Bill Gates”, and you are using one or, more of his products to read this article right now. So, when the big boys get tired of laughing at those of us out here in the trenches of the real music industry long enough to realize that they are letting one of the best things on the Cyberspace Highway Horizon pass them by; they will all be crying in their high dollar office chairs saying to themselves; Damn!!! I really wish we had listened to that little Bama Idiot Entertainment Journalist at the very least about five years ago.

I personally started writing about how the artist’s were going to utilize both the conventional ways of selling their music, and the Cyberspace Highway many years ago now. I told all back then if each artist would go digital with their music they could then put it online for sale as soon as their CD’s were ready to market. I knew if they would allow digital downloads before they hit the four major outlets that all record companies use today for major distribution such as; “Wal-Mart”, “Target”, “Meijer”, & “ Best Buy”, they would at least have a shot at doubling their sales.

How much money do you really believe the artist’s make off of the sale of each CD that goes out of each of those Distribution Store Outlets? The only people who make any major money off of an artist’s CD are the record companies not the artists’. With our economy the way it is now the music scene for them alone has had to really hit them in the pockets too. It costs’ these bands an enormous amount of money just to stay on the road to bring their music to you live. I can’t imagine how too many of them are even surviving out on the road tours today?

With what one CD costs’ to make; I’m surprised to see so many artist’s still hanging in here, and trying to survive in a profession that chose them. They didn’t choose this way of life for themselves, and their families. It is simply in their blood to do so. However, these artist’s have all made very difficult sacrifices just to bring us great music.

No one, let me repeat myself here; No one has ever been an “Overnight Success” believe me in this music industry. Some of those so called overnight successes’ have been at least ten to fifteen years in the making. They have all paid their dues playing in every bar, juke joint, hole in the wall clubs, and even diners on the local street corners simply because, they love their craft enough to give it all they’ve got for two people or, two hundred thousand people. These artist’s are only trying to survive just like the rest of us nine to fivers here. They are doing their “JOBS” the same as we are, there’s just happens to be up on a different stage every night.

However, it’s getting harder and harder for those artist’s to stay out there on tour due to the high cost of coming to a town near us to put on that show for us. The overhead these artist’s have to pay just to do one gig alone is more than what the majority of us would make in a six month period on our jobs. So, the next time you want to complain about the high cost of a concert ticket just think about this; they personally won’t take home as much money from that show as you think after they turn over all the funds to all those standing there with their hands out to be paid as well.

Although, it is true in my opinion only, with the use of our Cyberspace Highway available to each artist they should sell as many CD’s, and as much personal merchandise as possible from their own Websites. If any of you artist’s really want to see your online sales get a boost? Do yourselves a favor, and have a CD Review done of your latest work or, an Artist Review at the very least. I have found that it truly does increase your sales somewhat. In some cases it has doubled the sales of certain artist’s, and I know of one that it actually tripled their online sales from their website.

When nearly everyone in the world has access to a computer these days they honestly do go to an online music magazine just to read up on their favorite artist, and decide from that review if they want to buy that CD or, not. It is only one more way to generate extra cash flow for you, and your band. This in turn can help to keep you all out there on the road doing your tours which is the one thing you all have in common as musicians; You “Love” what you do. So, take advantage of today’s Cyberspace Highway, and go digital whenever you can. Your fans will increase at least two fold.

I, for one, am very grateful to all of you artist’s out there who have embraced our Cyberspace Musical Highway. I have seen many changes in this industry in my forty two years, and some I too have loved, as all of you have, and some of those changes have left a very bitter taste in my mouth.

Now, my best advice to everyone in this industry is this; when things change, and you see that they are going to change, and there is absolutely nothing you as an individual can do to stop it; just get on board the train with the rest of the musical world, and enjoy the ride that all of these very brave artist’s both men, and women are embarking on to continue to bring us the one thing in this world, that is the true heartbeat of all mankind, our undying need to let the music be heard, and survive one more day; even if it is just one download away here in Cyberspace.

For me I say; Welcome To The Future Music Lovers Of The World One, And All…

MzMona: Entertainment Journalist/On Air Personality/Music Critic/Book Author

Host of The Mo and Bek Show

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