You are in charge of your life and no one else!

The pages are BLANK, and you are the author of your life! Write what you want to write, go where you want to go, live the life you want to live…do not depend on others for your happiness…as you will never be happy…..look at that blank page as an opportunity to write the best day of your life….use that blank page to grow, to do something you never thought you could….you will have days were those pages are sad, and filled with black clouds, but take those times to reflect….to grow, to learn what makes you HAPPY!

Struggles will always be there….it is HOW YOU handle them….YOU ARE stronger than you realize….always believe in yourself first! Be Strong! Keep moving forward….there will always be another mountain, always a fight you have to choose if you want to fight or walk away because it is no longer good for your life…but take those experiences you have the good and the bad, and realize that is life! LIFE can suck, BUT you can always change your direction….detours are not always bad….detours can take you to some of the most beautiful spots in the world that you never even knew were there…..

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