Wasting energy on people….Poochisms

More “Poochisms”….

  • Instead of wasting time dwelling negatively on a person who has “done you wrong”, or thinking of ways to “punish someone”, “get back at them”, whatever, why not instead do something Positive for yourself. In other words, put your attention on You – not them! As they say, “Success is the Best Revenge”…
  • I have found that Too many people take life TOO Seriously… Yes, things affecting you can be important. But is it really Serious in the scope of life? Not everything is “the end of the world”…
  • Whatever has happened, no matter how embarrassing or harmful in any way, has already happened. You can’t change the past. Let’s face it: it’s always gonna be today…
  • I choose to be around “Positive People”. I stay away from “Negative People”! It’s amazing how just 1 negative person can bring 10 positive people down!

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