Ways To Beat Depression

1. Sit back and enjoy (or at least tolerate) the tumble.

Realize that feeling a little bad is no big deal. Understand that the down feelings are only temporary-don’t get sadder because you’re sad.

2. Do something active.

Go for a walk, ride your bike, play with your kids, etc.

3. Talk it out Go to your room and beat up your pillow scream into it… let it all out. Then leave your room and everything that happened there.

4. Have a good cry.

Let it out, don’t feel silly or stupid, crying is our defense mechanism. It helps us heal.

5. Try and Try again-then quit.

“As kids and adolescents, we have ideas of what life will bring, we hang on to them even when life dictates that these ideas are unrealistic.” says Arnold H Gessel, M.D.

Casing elusive goals can lead to depression. This is when you simply have to say “I’ve given it my best shot” and give up.

6. Exercise.

7. Pick up a box of crayons.

Draw your feelings, whether the page is totally black because you’re sad or red because you’re angry…let it out in your drawings. I love this process!

8. Find something really boring to do.

Clean the floors with a toothbrush, boring yes but your mind will be on the floors not what’s bothering you.

9. Slow down.

10. Avoid making major decisions.

11. Treat others with respect.

12. STAY out of department stores…

Shopping will only cause you to get more depressed, especially if your depression comes from money woes. I learned this the hard way, its better to find another way to combat the blues then shopping because in a month when that credit card bill comes in it will only send you into another depression mood and sometimes will lead to you berating yourself for only causing more stress.

13. Close the refrigerator

Don’t eat when your bored, depressed, or angry…. that will only make you feel worse.

Get out of the house instead, play with your kids, run, walk, ride your bike

We all find that there is so much going on in our lives and we don’t seem to be able to find a few minutes for ourselves. I know I am very guilty of this myself…I may be writing on ways to “pamper” yourself everyday, but that doesn’t mean I’m always on top of it myself.

So I thought I would, when I’m making out my to do list or writing down things in my calendar to, actually schedule 5 minutes (more if you can) for “me time” whether it be exercise, a long hot undisturbed bath or just something I’ve been wanting to do (scrap booking, crafts, etc.)

Just use:

your calendar or date book

a colored pen

a timer

Write in your journal add to your comfort kit, etc.
NO PRESSURE!!! Do it when you know you have time that ways you can actually enjoy it and not feel guilty!

-Rebbekah White

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