Wellness , Herbs, and Other Natural Wonders

There is an old Chinese Proverb that reads:В “Taking medicine after one is sick is like digging a well after one becomes thirsty, it is too late.”

I relate this to the cold and flu bugs that seem to follow and attack so many during the winter season.

The design for mankind was and is not to be sick and in constant pain and the state of ongoing repair.

Nature provides many weapons to keep our immune systems strong and healthy.

Our immune system has one job and that is to protect the rest of our system from being sick.

Colds, flu, sinus, and allergies all attack weak immune systems.

We don’t let our car go to an empty tank before putting fuel in it. And…we don’t put cheap junk fuel in it when we open the tank. We know what our automobile needs to run at peak performance, so, why expect our bodies to function on any less quality than our car.

Our diet is the major fuel for our body, eating foods that are high in nutrition is a must.

Adding herbs and essential oils to our daily diet and wellness program will pay off in a stronger immune system.

Studies have proven that very few over the counter , and many prescription drugs/medications do nothing to fight a cold or the flu.

However they do mask the symptoms and they do interfere with the body’s protective immune system responses.

Children are especially at risk. Most medications given to children for colds cause them to be hyper , lethargic , and restless. This leads to poor school performance, less than restful sleep and a weaken immune system for the next illness. It’s a vicious cycle that can only be broken by working at staying well.

Removing sugar from the diet, using essential oils in their bathВ and on their body, herbal tisanes befor bedtime and before going out to play, all these things will help to giveВ them and usВ a stronger immune system to ward off the cold and flu bug.

A few herbs and oils to stock.

  • Peppermint…contains compounds that can relax airways and open congested sinuses and nasal passages.
  • Ginger…fights inflamnation and pain. It’s also has warming properties, good for chills.
  • Thyme…is an excellent expectorant.
  • Oregano, clove, sage , echinacea, elderberry, are just a few of the antiviral, antispectic and antibiotic containing herbs.

What better time to put in place- a promise to find and practice staying well, for yourself and your family….the holidays-it makes a beautiful gift.

Bea Kunz is a culinary herbalist with a passion for better health options.

You can learm more or ask question by visiting Bea’s website.

**Be advised that the information in this article is in no way meant to be taken as medical advice.
Before starting any new wellness program you should discuss it with your health care provider.

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