Whish! A Tidal Wave

Poetry from Al Cole author of Romance for Woman

Whish! A Tidal Wave!
(The Very Sound of You)

Just the Sound of your Voice,
The words that you use,
Just the way that you say them, Sweet!
I Love it! I Love you!!
Oh my poor little heart –
It flutters when I hear you coming,
It pants when you step into my room!
My heaven, my Angel –
I’m blessed by your hunger,
Cleansed in your precious desires!!

You are my firefly, my candle,
My burst of joy and light air!
Oh how I love your breath!
Sweet tender sobs, My Love,
Like kittens mewing throughout the night!
Like music Purring all over my body!!
….Your whispers, murmurs, your laughter, sighs,
Your heartbeat, precious, just the way that you move –
I’m lost in the very Sound of You!!

Do you feel it too my Darling?
Yes, I know you do!
One heart could never hold that much magic by itself!
….We walk a tender tightrope, Dear
My emotions make love to your Soul,
We play together in Fantasy land,
I sleep with the very thought of you!!

…When you come to my body, Luscious –
My arms faint in your embrace,
Then I melt into your fire, Love!
I burn at a glimpse of your Shadow…
Melt at the mere idea of You…
Much much more at stark Reality!!
Your breasts…the Fountains of my Youth…
I drink in their Magic!
I’m reborn in their taste, the aroma,
They caress my impetuousness,
They fan my hunger –
I’m a fool in the Intoxication!
Baby, I’m a Fool for You!!

…So Grab me! Elate me!
Guide me to your wetness, Kitten!
Like a roof to the ocean’s core,
Like sparks of light in the Cave of darkness!
Daze me, pamper me,
Drown me in your Flesh!
Your Revelries, your Ecstasies, your Fever!
….Bring me back my body, Pet,
My swirling, stabbing pleasures!
….Bring me back my tears, my love…
Like stars before my eyes –
Like gently, swishing Rhapsodies –
Light-years and light-years long!
A thousand chilling minute Eruptions –
Ooo, Oceans and Oceans Deep!!

…Mmmm…So unleash me, reveal me,
Press me to your Heat!
Undress my Spirit, Sweetness,
Whisper my name;
Cuddle me, make Love to me!
Erect me with your Passions!
Penetrate me ’till I can’t take any more…
Whish me away to your own dreamy Climax!
Let your urges become part of my body,
Let your teardrops soak me to the skin!
Muscle me tenderly, tenderly Love…
Power me whisperingly, whisperingly Home!!

…Come with me, wait for me,
Reach me with Captivation,
Work me with your Know-how, Baby!
Play with me In and Out-
I’m ready, I’m willing!
Rush me to your Moisture, Angel,
Squeeze me to your Lips!
Like the feather twisting and twisting…
Oh, Drench me in your warm, dark Cave!!
….Whish!- a Tidal Wave!!
Spurts and spurts of our Liquid Love, our Bodily Salvation!
Like little lost sighs-
Crying its way through You, Crying its way through Me!!

…Mmmm…Whish! – the Flooding and the Feeling!
Weeping and weeping through all of our Spasms!
Through Heaven and Earth, through Silence and Surrender,
Through Power and Sweet Talk too!
Mad, mad Sighs beneath a Deluge of your Breath!
Oh Honey, I Love you!!!

… Just the Sound of your Voice,
The Words that you use,
Just the way that you say them, Sweet!
The very Sound of You!!!

Yes, My Love…
The Very SOUND of YOU!!!!!

By Al Cole- Romance for Woman

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