Who said you Need to Stop Drinking to Beat Alcoholism?

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Of course you want to overcome your alcohol addiction. But, if you’re like most, you probably don’t want to give up drinking either. Well, you don’t have to! Sure, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) professes that complete abstinence is required. However, I disagree! AA claims that alcoholism is a disease caused by chemical dependency, yet others believe it’s a failure of restraint or merely a matter of willpower. In my opinion, it’s neither. Truthfully, it’s an emotional dependency. And, when you attempt to deny yourself a drink without correcting the root cause of that emotionally charged craving, failure is eminent. You will either indulge or transfer your behavior to another substance or activity. The later occurs quite frequently in AA. Most participants trade one behavior for another by becoming addicted to religion, antidepressants or AA itself. This behavioral transference is generally ignored and completely overshadowed by an ideological veil of abstinence and attendance. AA philosophy dictates that every alcoholic is only one drink away from relapse. And, if they even so much as sniff a beer cap or a wine cork, it’s all over but the crying! According to AA, life-long abstinence and attendance is the only way. I say, that’s completely absurd and categorically false! I have spent the past 6 years coaching and surveying addicted individuals. When most were questioned, in detail, the vast majorities acknowledged using substances and/or compulsions as an emotional escape. That doesn’t sound like a disease or chemical dependency, does it?

According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism’s 2001-2002 National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol, 1.5 out of every five participants, who have struggled with alcoholism, were able to return to and maintain moderate, healthy drinking levels. Bottom line, Abstinence is not required! And, in my opinion, if the other 3.5 weren’t fed false information, they could learn to drink moderately as well. Alcoholism is not a chemically induced or dependent phenomenon. It is an emotional one. Therefore, the key to beating alcoholism and achieving moderate drinking is the elimination of emotional issues that cause it. When accomplished, this all but nullifies destructive drinking and renders it repulsive in the eyes of the addicted. Consequently, moderate drinking is absolutely achievable. In fact, I’ve had many clients, who’ve struggled with alcoholism, go on to drink moderately.

In my opinion, alcoholism or destructive drinking is not a disease. It’s a choice! And, comprehending the basis for this is paramount to achieving both recovery and moderate drinking. In simple terms, emotional escape is the foundation. In my coaching practice, I have confirmed, empirically, that a direct connection between alcoholism and emotional escape does, indeed, exist. I have also confirmed that the emotional issues responsible always originate in family dysfunction. Additionally, my findings revealed that destructive drinking is used as a coping mechanism by those who ignore feelings of anger, resentment, depression, anxiety, shame, guilt, regret and blame. For example, Bill suffers from severe anxiety. The basis for his angst is a deep seated fear of failure which is directly related to low-self-esteem. Bill’s feelings of unworthiness originated in patterns of verbal abuse that he experienced as a child. Instead of facing and correcting those issues, he chooses to suppress them with alcohol. This is the basis for Bill’s destructive drinking. Once again, the only thing that separates moderate and destructive drinking is the need for emotional escape. Let me elaborate further. If you decide to have some wine with dinner and can limit your consumption to one or two glasses, then that would be considered moderate drinking. If you can not limit your consumption and you drink destructively, then you are using alcohol as an emotional escape. Bottom line, there are emotional issues driving your addiction. So, what issues are you avoiding or suppressing? And, the bigger question is; what are you going to do about them? Are you going to continue to run from them and escape via alcohol, or are you going to stand up and correct them? Plain and simple, “You can run, but you can’t hide!” If you want to achieve moderate drinking, the running must end – period!

So, would you like to beat alcoholism, and learn to drink moderately, without ever leaving home? What if you could overcome your destructive drinking and still enjoy an occasional bottle of beer, glass of wine or mixed drink? Well, you can! And, I have proven it time and again! The key to moderate drinking is the elimination of toxic issues that cause anxiety, depression and emotional distress. If you’d like to overcome alcohol addiction and learn how to drink moderately, subscribe to my free e-courses below.

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David Roppo, author, speaker and coach, was born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh in what, at first, seemed to be an average American family. However, as time passed, a deepening, gut wrenching feeling of estrangement began to take hold. As a child, he just didn’t fit in! But, in the years to come, that would prove to be an asset rather than a detriment. As he attempted to navigate his way through a dysfunctional family, he was completely unaware of the cosmic shock that was looming in future. Inevitably, that tipping point arrived – making its entrance with lightning quick and thunderous style. In the span of 12 months or so, he lost his home, business, commercial property, marriage, children and every dime he had. This crisis not only sparked his spiritual journey, but it also set off a series of cascading events that thrust him into a dysfunctional cyclone, a chasm of pain and suffering, a world of addiction, and a charged exchange with “The Bad Boy of the Burgh.” These painful yet mysterious events, ultimately, led to the birth of the 5 Steps to Addiction Freedom and gave rise to “The Addiction Freedom Coach.”

As “The Addiction Freedom Coach,” David Roppo has helped folks from all walks of life and all corners of the world overcome addiction. He established the 5 Steps to Addiction Freedom as a potential benchmark for recovery through e-courses and one-on-one coaching. His inspirational and motivational writing has drawn a following of raving subscribers and social media fans that just can’t seem to get enough of his pearls of recovery wisdom. He lights up the airways, regularly, on talk radio with his empowering and prescriptive presentations and has become known as the resident expert on addiction. Recently, he was featured on Vivid Life Radio with host and Hay House Author, Sharon Quirt.

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